Business Coach vs. Business Advisor

What is a business advisor?

A business advisor serves a different purpose than a business coach, but often with similar goals: to help you grow and scale your business. Instead of focusing on your personal development, business advisors only focus on the business aspect. Typically, they’ll help you develop the strategy to improve your business. They may specialize in a specific area like finance, marketing, or sales. So, if you need help with a specific part of your business, you can find a business advisor who focuses on that. 

While a business advisor does help you lay the groundwork for achieving your business goals, they won’t necessarily help hold you accountable as a business coach does. A business coach is more invested in your success while a business advisor is only hired with an eye on the business. That doesn’t mean that your business advisor does not care about your business, however. You still want to have a good, trustworthy relationship with your business advisor. You’re investing money in hiring them so you want to know that they’ll actually be able to help you. Business advisors just might function a little less personal than business coaches do. 

For example, our CEO Kimjera functions as a business advisor when she works with businesses as a StoryBrand Certified Guide. By advising on their marketing strategy, she helps businesses figure out what they need to do to improve and reach their business goals. Similar to business coaches, business advisors don’t usually do the implementation, though you might be able to find one that advises strategy and goes on to implement after. 

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