Ways To Advertise On Mobile | Types of Mobile Advertising

Banner ads are everywhere, whether it is digital or traditional. Mobile banner ads are usually rectangle advertisements that appear on various platforms. This could be online websites, gaming apps, social media apps, and lifestyle apps. With the right research, companies should be able to place their banner ads in the places that will appeal to the user the most. For example, the number of users searching for prom dresses on their mobile browser is higher than those who search on social media, so the best place to put a banner ad would be on a mobile browser. Obviously, with cookies, you can tailor the users’ experience more specifically.

When we deal with mobilizing banner ads, it is best to start on the desktop. The desktop version of a mobile banner ad will appear much larger on-screen. After you have mastered that, it is easier to transform that ad into a mobile banner. The mobile banner should be slightly different to appeal to the user. It is best to keep the advertisement simple and not too busy. As always, users will respond to a strong ‘call to action’ and with banner ads, this should be simple as well. For example, “Shop Now” or “Register Now”.

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