A Guide to Integration Marketing Strategy

October 26, 2019 Digital Marketing

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Before we get into some great information, let’s define the word strategy by way of Webster’s dictionary, Thesaurus.com and the internet. When you talk strategy, in relation to marketing, you will find that the word itself is over used and under defined. The deeds of many online marketers prove this to be true.

Thesaurus.com says, “Strategy is a plan of action.” Webster says, “Strategy is a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time. The skill of making or carrying out plans to achieve a goal.”

These are good definitions just not “great” definitions because there is more to internet marketing strategy than just the definition a plan of action. Plans are only good if they are and if they are worked. You cannot work a plan without knowing these three things:

  • Who the plan is for
  • Where these people live online
  • How to reach them

The point being strategy is more than just a plan although you need one. Great plans are born out of thorough research not by surfing the web for only ten minutes. Strategy takes study and requires understanding before you implement your plan.

The very first strategy is to prepare the guy or gal in the mirror. Yes, the first line of business is getting you ready for integration internet marketing. Too many want-to-be entrepreneurs have zero patience and a zero quality product or service. There’s no way a successful online entrepreneur is going to offer you a spot on their blog or the thank you page of one of their products if they do not know and trust you.

Trust, quality, and credibility all take time, time that you are going to have allowed before you can execute a results driven strategy for success. The first thing for you to do is:

  • Create a business plan – this involves your mission statement, goals, product creation layout, website registration, hosting, content creation, content packaging, content promotion, profiles established in key social networks as Facebook and Twitter, etc.

The internet world is changing rapidly and you must too if your strategies are going to win the battle. Avoid going the long way around in your endeavors but don’t choose the easiest road either. Do things the right way and you will have many opportunities for involvement in integration marketing.

The second strategy comes from your plan, which is, know your target audience. This is one of the biggest mistakes most online marketers make trying to market your product or service to everyone. This strategy never works. Did I say never? Good, because I meant it! Research your ideal client’s demographics and psychographics first before you launch your marketing strategy. Get to know them. How will you connect with the other businesses you want to integrate with if you do not know who your audience is?

Identifying your ideal avatar will determine who you merge your marketing efforts with. This is why it is important to know them before you waste your time shooting in the dark with a less than luster marketing plan. Go to Facebook and you will see what I mean.

The third and most important strategy for a successful integration marketing plan is to get mentored by an industry professional. As you roll your impatient eyes at me, let me explain why and hopefully save you a ton of time and money in the process.

  1. They have ploughed a marketing path you can walk down
  2. They have made many mistakes you can learn from
  3. They can train you to become an expert
  4. You build a trusted relationship with an industry expert

The most valuable part of being mentored, other than the experience and relationship, is you will glean from their already established marketing funnel. What teacher doesn’t show off their students? By being mentored you can have access to one of your first integration internet marketing campaigns as long as your content is good.

Every business avenue on the internet has an expert you can connect with.

  1. Facebook – Amy Porterfield & Mari Smith
  2. Linkedin – Kevin Knebl
  3. Product Creation and Launch – Mike Koenigs & Pam Hendrickson
  4. Video – Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime
  5. Twitter – Michael Hyatt


Godaddy’s Internal Integration Marketing Strategy

Another great unification strategy is internal integration marketing. This form of integration is where you would introduce new products or services to your existing list. Some refer to this as upselling. The benefit from doing this is you are keeping your marketing communication fresh with existing customers.

Godaddy is really good and annoying when it comes to spelling or even introducing someone else’s product. Go to godaddy.com and try to register a domain. You will soon discover the many up sells that await you before you can simply checkout.

Even though it is annoying Godaddy makes money from thousands upon thousands of customers. The company doesn’t let the experience end at buying a domain this is why you can get hosting, software to build your site, and extra security for your domain. These extra items add up and make a ton of profit for the company.

Learn from businesses like Godaddy. You may not have as many products and services as they do but have something in your marketing funnel at all times even if it comes from another marketer. Just verify that the product is congruent to your target audience.

Finally, investigate companies like Godaddy and see if you can build a relationship with them that can lead to an opportunity to integrate your marketing process into theirs. Anything is possible. Rule nothing out!

How to Find Integration Marketing Partners

Start with the leaders. Subscribe to their blogs, like their Facebook pages and, if at all possible, be mentored by them. The fastest way to avoid 98% of the mistakes made by most entrepreneurs online is to not make them. The way to accomplish this is by being mentored by an expert.

Your mentors will have incredible connections for you to benefit from. Beware of the “fly from the nest and be out on your own” philosophy. No way, stay in the nest and close to momma bird as long as possible until you are ready to fly or launch on your own. Patience is the most important ingredient you will have in your arsenal so use it often.

The next strategy for finding integration marketing partners is connecting with the students of the experts. Let’s say you want to become an expert at Facebook marketing. In order to accomplish your goal, register for a webinar offered by a leader like Amy Porterfield.

With these types of webinars, the expert usually showcases a couple of their students so have a pen handy. You can also look through their website or Facebook fan-page to find some of their students. Once you have a couple, repeat the same strategy as you did with the leader. Like their Facebook page, subscribe to their blog, get to know them and build a relationship with them. Comment on blog posts and establish your presence inside their world.

Warning: Be genuine, honest, and sincere. Spammers get canned!

The benefit of connecting and forming a partnership with students is they are the stars of tomorrow. They have hopes, dreams, ideas, ambition just like you and are on the path to great success. There is no greater time to hook up with them than at the time where they are about to launch out themselves.

Integration marketing partners can be found on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Youtube is another great place to find IM partners. Subscribe to their channel and follow the protocol. Pinterest, believe it or not, is a fantastic place to connect with IM partners. Each social media platform requires due diligence on your part.

If you are a Twitter fanatic, you want to connect with Twitter experts like Michael Hyatt, author of Platform, Get Noticed In A Noisy World. He is a Twitter fanatic. Kevin Knebl is a highly sought after Linkedin specialist. Both these individuals have mastered their craft. You will to if you will ever hope to build an IM partnership with people of this caliber or their students.

What to Say to Potential Partners

“Actions speak louder than words.”

Before approaching a potential IM partner, you want to make sure you are walking the walk and have done your homework concerning them first. Never randomly approach an entrepreneur without knowing everything about them, their product and service, customer demographics and the like. This is not a blind date and cannot be treated as such. You should have built a relationship with these partners already.

Integration marketing involves two or more marketing processes, which means, something is happening you can potentially ride if you will. You can’t form a partnership if nothing is happening, so, you need to know when things are happening. One way to stay aware of product launches is to be on that leaders email list.

Obviously, there are going to be products out there already that you can integrate into but, again perform all the protocol that you read in the above sections before engaging the owner.  Let’s break down the approach and what you should say to potential integration marketing partners.

  1. No cold calling – you got to get to know your potential partners there is no way around it. This means consistent communication and relationship building.
  2. Be open about your intention – Inform them that you have a product or service you would like them to review. Ask them if there is a place in their marketing funnel for your product offering.
  3. If they are open to the idea, then negotiate the benefit they will receive by allowing you to advertise on their highly trafficked blog or appear on the thank you page after their customers have purchased a product.
  4. Always entreat; never push yourself on another entrepreneur. The successful strategic approach is attraction marketing. Attract your potential IM partner to you through your content and marketing process.

Know Your Battlefield, a.k.a, Niche

In the Vietnam War, landmines were a common weapon used by the enemy against foreign troops. These awful traps were unseen and undetectable that is why so many died and why it was important for leaders to know the battlefield so they could discover what they had to work with and how to develop a successful strategy for winning. Business is no different when it comes to the need for battle strategies.

In the previous pages, you read about the importance of knowing your target audience. The people you market to are not the only element on the battlefield of business.  A very successful product creator and marketer, one of Tony Robbins former employees gone solo, said, “If you are going to reach your ideal client, you must create a product or service that will stand out from the crowd.”

Pretend your target client is trapped on an island one mile from the mainland. They are calling for you to help because you have what it takes to save them. Fast and furious, you jump into your boat and go sailing off into the great waters to rescue your client. All of a sudden you are stopped by a massive entourage of little boats on their way to the same island looking for your customer!

  • What are you going to do?
  • How will you differentiate your boat from all the others?
  • 90% of those other boats are charlatans who don’t give a care about your client they just want the reward.

The wisest thing you could do is brand your boat so the ideal client can identify their rescuer. Branding your boat will also create a visual difference that will create association with who you are and what you have to offer (your content). The second wisest thing you could is communicate. Call the stranded client on the scary island and tell them you are coming and what they need to look for and where to find you when you arrive.

The other little boats can arrive at the island and find no success while you are sailing away with success because you took the time to know your target audience and provide instructions to them on what to do to and how to find what they were looking for. If you can accomplish this, the integration marketing partners you seek will have no problem merging marketing efforts.

An entrepreneur is someone that sets themselves apart in the following manner.

  1. They research everything
  2. They create a complete plan of action based upon research results
  3. They allow flexibility in their plan because things can change fast
  4. They implement their plan
  5. They make adjustments
  6. They test everything and measure the metrics
  7. They never quit until they win

99% of the marketing noise on the internet never does these things. This is why there are 99%ers and 1%ers in the world, both offline and online.