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Clever Integration Marketing Tactics

October 26, 2019 Digital Marketing

The words clever and tactics can sound kind of mischievous so we will explain the meanings with regards to their use on the internet. The word tactics is defined as a strategy. Synonyms for tactics are words like maneuver, stratagem or trick, and campaign.

From a military perspective according to Webster dictionary, tactics represents, “the science and art of disposing military and naval forces in order for battle and performing military and naval evolutions. In the most extensive sense, tactics, la grande tactique of the French, comprehends everything that relates to the order, formation and disposition of armies, their encampments.”

The latter meaning has a better feel to it right? There is a big difference in being clever and tactical versus deceitful and misleading. To be clever means you are being ingenious. Marry the two words together and you have this meaning, “An ingenious order or placement of one’s product and/or service inside the marketing stream of another entrepreneur’s system.” Multiply the meaning by many partners and you have a win-win situation.

The complete definition of Clever Integration Marketing Tactics is:

“The ingenious merger of information systems strategically positioned for success.”


The mobile apps industry is a great example of clever tactics. Think about it for a moment, the mobile phone created a platform for mobile app developers to create products that they could sell using a device created by another business. The mobile app industry is a billion dollar industry and an example of integration marketing.

Look at how easy it is to create an app for your website? You can even install a plugin and check off a few settings in the admin area of your website so that your site is visible to mobile app devices. Integration marketing is not always about a direct relationship with an IM partner it can be indirect.

A mobile application (app) developer creates a snazzy app that does something cool like allow a user to pay for their food through the drive through at Starbucks. The guy or gal behind the register scans the app on their smarty phone, gives them their food and receipt and off they go. But, how is this called integration marketing?

The customer is happy but so is the app developer because he makes around 70% of the sale. The mobile app distribution center, like Apple’s itunes, is happy too because they make the remaining 30%. Now, multiply this time’s the millions and millions of downloads occurring each year and you will have a large profitable integration marketing campaign.

Kind of makes you want to develop an app, doesn’t it?


Building Value Builds Relationship

Never build junk even if you are good at selling junk. No one wants to buy junk. If you sell this sort of stuff, you will hurt your brand and credibility and it is just not worth doing. Again, a reminder from Proverbs, “A good name is to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold.”

Build value, think value, and, above all, be value.

The word value is popular amongst internet marketing leadership. When you think of words like importance, worth, and priceless, you are exploring the meaning of value. Your product and service will aid in the building of integration marketing partnerships. Look, you have to build value or no one is going to want to do business with you.

Professional product creators, marketers and product launchers can smell a charlatan a mile away. There is no way to pull the wool over their eyes. Attraction marketing is the name of the game. Become irresistible to your potential partner and you will be using a clever tactic they use on their partners and customers.

Attraction marketing is simply the art of becoming a magnet to your target audience and, in this case, your IM partners. They are drawn by the value of your content found at your website and in the various marketing channels across the web. Value is also be measured by the demonstration of your marketing skills.
Start Small then Build Big

The old adage, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” comes to mind. One of the biggest mistakes newbie entrepreneurs make is they try building Rome overnight. If you are going online to build a new business or an extension of your existing offline business, you need a website with a blog. Ignore anyone who tells you different.

Platform is the keyword to embed in your mind. The element that makes integration marketing work is platform or else why partner with a business if they have not established online presence? Your marketing process will be as a boat stuck in dry dock.

Start small and build big is an online tactic for success. With patience at the helm, you will be able to, in time, establish yourself as an industry expert in your field. Here are a few ways to start small:

  1. Register a domain – put a lot of thought into your site name. The site name should be easy and keyword related unless you are using your name as the site name which is great.
  2. Hosting service – use a reliable hosting service like Hostgator or Godaddy.
  3. Website Theme – I am going to give you some advice that can set the visual element of your site apart from everyone else on the web. Choose a theme congruent to your overall content offering. The next bit of business is to take as much control of the theme as possible even though they usually come premade. To start, redo the header area and choose a color scheme for the rest of the site that is in harmony with the header and the story it should be telling to your ideal audience.
  4. Blog two to three times a week, at least, content useful to your audience.
  5. Choose ONE social media platform, preferably where your customers are, and market there.
  6. Establish profiles in major social media locations like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and Pinterest – if applicable.
  7. Guest Blog – find those leaders who are doing what you want to do and connect with them. This is how you can build small. Find an opportunity to write a post for their blog, nothing spammy, just solid, valuable content.
  8. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 7.
  9. Lastly, use clever and tactics to post your website content on these other platforms. Still focus on ONE platform to master but branch out. Pay close attention to how these other platforms work and select the type of format that best serves each. One size does not “fit all.” Think video (Youtube), audio (Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin), pdf (Google Plus), webinar, photo (Pinterest) or blog post.

The first integration internet marketing partner you connect with may not be a big guru of sorts but, rather, someone selling an ebook or a mini-video course and free for that matter. This is fine because you are starting small. Add an ebook to this campaign that is value-packed and, hey, give it away for free too! The small campaigns are a great way to establish a list and nothing builds a list faster than content that is results driven and free.

Success cannot be measured in monetary terms alone. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they were successful before making their first dollar and that success was in the process not the end result. Small IM partnerships will give you plenty to learn from and help you prepare for the bigger campaigns yet to come.

Success Attracts Future Partners

As you have success with smaller IM partnerships, you will find this attracting other entrepreneurs to you. Stay in a posture of intense integrity and credibility each step of the way. Don’t let up when the larger opportunities come. A good name goes much farther than the monetary rewards of a successful launch campaign with less than perfect customer service on the back end.

Memorize this phrase, “It’s not all about me!” Partnership means, an alliance. Be mindful of the others involved with you because they have as much to lose or gain as you do. You will, no doubt, acquire petitions from other business people, both small and great, to partner with you. If you do, it is because you started small and built big and effectively.

Successful campaigns gain exposure by customers and entrepreneurs alike. The real fun will begin when others want to showcase you and what you are all about. Remember exponential expansion? It’s not all in the dollars and cents. The true expansion happens with people.

Over time, the news spreads from one marketing camp to another. In these camps, there are leaders and upcoming leaders that will take note of the news of your online success. This is what strategy and being patient and building smart is all about. The Video Genesis and Make Market Launch IT businesses are a prime example of success attracting success and merging for a campaign.

Don’t look for the big names only but also for the smaller businesses to partner with and to learn from. The success you desire lies within your ability to be a patient learner, observer, and executer of your own marketing plan. Yes, patience is a clever tactic too.

Note: Never go into a partnership without laying all the details on the table for all parties involved.


Success Should Be Repeated

Measure everything you do because success should be repeated. There is nothing worse than baking a pie from scratch and not remembering what ingredients you used and their quantities because you didn’t write it all down. Everyone loved it but you cannot reproduce.

Google analytics allows you to install code to your blog that tracks traffic, the demographics, posts and pages visited what browser they used, and did they log on using a smart phone, etc. Autoresponders like Aweber tell you what percentage of your list actually opened the email you sent out to them. All of these tools allow you to track your campaigns.

Discover what strategy or tactic worked and didn’t work and make adjustments as previously said, plan the work but put some flexibility in those plans. Studying the results of your campaign efforts will require the use of that allowed flexibility. The sports world does this when they are trying to win a ball game so do thou likewise!

Do more of the things that resonate with your audience. Repeat, repeat, and then repeat again. Ask yourself,

  1. Which of my blog posts received more visits?
  2. What social media platform gave me the most traffic?
  3. What advertising venue generated more traffic?
  4. What blogs sent me traffic as a result of guest blogging or blog commenting?
  5. Where in my marketing funnel did traffic choke?
  6. What traffic stream generated the most sales?
  7. How many subscribers am I acquiring every month?

When you were younger, do you remember how your teacher constantly repeated things? After a while, the things they repeated got embedded in your brain even until this day. Success should be repeated over and over again. On the internet, whatever is working, great or small, for Pete’s sake repeat it!

Tweak as you go in order to gain the further shore with your product or service, and, most importantly, your clients. Keep yourself from loving your plans so much that you refuse to chance them if they need changing. Plans of action need to stay adjustable because you just don’t know how the market is going to respond to one of your campaigns until you launch the campaign.

Don’t Overlook Your Blog!

Your website is the central location of everything you do on the internet, at least, it should be. Don’t overlook your blog by getting consumed by all the other avenues of traffic and commerce. Make your website the central brain of all you do on the web.

NY Times Best Selling Author, Michael Hyatt, has over 342,000 subscribers at his website. That is nothing to sneeze at by any means. How would you like to have 342,000 people to directly market to? If you listen to Michael’s story, it did not come easy. Even though he was the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, he started as a complete novice when it came to blogging.

Mr. Hyatt is a diligent fellow and being new to something did not deter him from learning all he could. The man consistently blogs every single day something not even the best bloggers do. He is rated as a top blogger and the result he gets with his audience accents his rating.

Don’t overlook your blog!

Look, if you refuse to establish the foundation and framework necessary to build your business and survive on the internet, there are no clever tactics that will make you tons of profit. This is why 98% of all businesses fail within their first five years whether offline or online.


So far, you have learned about:

  • Video Genesis – A real online example of integration marketing
  • Google and Alexa toolbars
  • The concept of exponential expansion
  • Godaddy’s internal integration marketing strategy
  • How to find integration marketing partners
  • What to say to potential partners
  • Know your battlefield, a.k.a, niche
  • Mobile Apps – a real world integration marketing example
  • Building value
  • Starting small then branching out and building big
  • Success attracts future Partners
  • Success should be repeated
  • Don’t overlook your blog

At the beginning of this chapter, clever and tactics was defined for you in an effort to clarify the terms with relation to integration marketing. There was no need to make these words sound cheap in a world where charlatans who know how to use copy exist to pick the pockets of newbie entrepreneurs. Here is one more tactic or strategy you can implement, it is called mastermind groups.

A mastermind group is usually defined as a small number of leaders who have come together for the common cause of growing their businesses. This group can include some of their students who have paid to be in the elite training they provide and have excelled within it. You may not directly

partner with every member of the mastermind, per say but, you will benefit from their marketing of your content within their social media circles and email lists.

In other words, you may not be directly integrated inside of every member’s marketing funnel in some permanent manner. They may not put you on the forefront of one of their campaigns or the back end. You just might benefit solely from their marketing channels.

The opposite can also occur for you inside a mastermind group. Some or all can decide to get behind one of your product or service campaigns by forming an IM partnership. Again, many of these leaders may also be a direct mentor so why wouldn’t they want to promote a prize student? The benefit can be astronomical.


Mastermind groups can be found inside most major trainings that cover internet marketing, product creation, and social media. The best way to find information is to ask the experts themselves. For example, if you want to know about Facebook, connect with Amy Porterfield and ask her how to locate a mastermind that centers on Facebook marketing.

One last thing, most masterminds are made up of individuals of “like precious faith” so to speak. You may find it taking some time and doing to attach yourself to one and benefit from its structure. Follow the advice in this series and you will get there soon enough.