When using the E Mail Account Manager, bundled in the Hepsia Site Control Panel it is possible to quickly maintain all of your current email accounts, no matter the number of websites you have. It’s easy to sort mailboxes, start anti–spam, assign e–mail forwarding with simply a click of the mouse and make filters for your email accounts. On account of the auto–configure scripts, it will be easier to instantly configure your mail client to function with every email account you have. And the latter is a little part of what the E Mail Account Manager will help you with.

Anti–Spam Protection

Fight spam in a click

From the E Mail Account Manager of your Site Control Panel, you can actually manage trash messages. The incorporated anti–spam tool will filter arriving emails and you can alter its amount of control with simply a click of the mouse. You could also identify a unique level of spam security for every single email account.

There are two basic ways in which our system addresses messages flagged as spam. You can pick whether a spam email should be removed, or forwarded to a certain mailbox.

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Email Forwarding

Route messages from a single mailbox to another one

We have managed to get it so simple for one to forward email messages from one mailbox to an alternative one inside your website hosting services account. Everything you need to do is pick the email that you like to forward and afterwards submit the destination mailbox in which you want all of the messages to be delivered to.

You may also trigger a duplicate of each and every forwarded message to be kept inside the mailbox that you have got forwarded.

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Email Filters

Organize your mail accounts without difficulty

When you receive a lot of emails regularly, it’s crucial to keep them structured. That is why you will find server–side email filters that come into action well before you look at the mailbox for newly–arrived e–mails. Therefore, should you create your custom spam filters, you won’t ever see spam within your mailbox!

Setting up new e–mail filters is very simple. You’ll need to specify precisely what the filter has to look for, where the filter looks for it (subject, body, etc.) as well as what transpires with the filtered e–mails.

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